Khuram Iqbal

"I found it really helpful as Mind Solutions use a number of different approaches to get you off the cigarettes. I stopped smoking after the second visit and have not touched a cigarette since. "

Shelina Jokhiya

I have been a smoker for a few years. I decided at my age it was time to take the plunge and quit.

In the first session, Anna spent over 3 hours with me, talking about the merits of quitting smoking, chatting on a personal level, allowing me a few smoke breaks and provide preparatory hypnotherapy to listen to. At the end of the session she provided homework for me, to prepare for the big hypnotherapy session two days later. On the big day I was nervous, but Anna’s personality and calming demeanour helped me to settle and listen to the final reasons of why I should stop smoking. We then proceeded with the hypnotherapy.

The whole process was calm, easy to absorb and just… easy. Anna is kind, understanding and persuasive in a good way! I would highly recommend you see her if you want to quit smoking! I am now a non-­smoker and it is all thanks to Anna!