After 2 months of development and trials, we are excited to announce that our Precision Performance for Sports Program has now been launched. We believe that this program will be a great addition to our repertoire and fits in perfectly with our company values.

The aim of the program is simple. We want people to get the best out of themselves, the teams they’re in and the individuals they work with. We believe everyone can be a success and that we can provide the thinking, techniques and know-how needed to help individuals bring that success to the forefront. This program is not an add-on to your training, it is an essential ‘magic ingredient’ that will work hand-in-hand with your physical training and competitive performances, allowing you to access that part of your mind that will allow you to manage and control, being ‘in the zone’ or what we call a ‘flow’ state. It’s all about accessing the optimum emotional states that can facilitate the highest levels of performance required.

Our Sports Performance Therapist

The Program has been developed by our very own Yousef Bin Lahej, not only a Quit Smoking Specialist, VGB and Lifestyle Specialist, NLP Sports & Performance Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, but also an Ex-Olympian Pro Sailor! Yousef has been involved in competitive sports for over 3 decades now and has represented his country, the UAE, internationally in the sport of sailing and has won regattas and competitions worldwide, both individually and as part of a team.

His first experience of the power of the mind came in his early 20s, when he spent five years campaigning to qualify for the Olympics, representing the UAE in sailing. Through years of intense training and competition, he learnt how the right mindset can make or break you. Twenty years on, and with decades of experience of racing, team dynamics and other aspects of sports performance behind him, he developed a passion for learning about the human psyche. What makes someone do something super-human? What makes someone push the extra mile? What makes someone who is capable crumble? What makes people tick?

Through his studies into the psychological side of sport and sports performance, he discovered NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming, which is about programming the mind to achieve the goals you desire. The more he learnt about NLP and used it, the more he could see the potential for using it in other areas of life too. Using it to help people bring about change in their own personal lives – whether its phobias, anxieties, addictions, confidence issues or simply changing their perception, some quick and easy NLP techniques helped them achieve their goals. This has brought Yousef full circle and back to sport, which has always been his passion, and enabled him to see how beneficial a program such as this, the Precision Performance for Sports, would be to Professional, Semi-Pro, and Amateur athletes as well as all the support networks behind athletes such as managers, trainers, coaches and Physical Education teachers.

What is NLP?

Put simply, NLP is a practical body of knowledge about human communication, behaviour and performance. It is about how our thinking affects how we feel and how our feelings affect how we behave. NLP is very practical and as such, offers a wide range of tools and techniques to examine, change and enhance what we do so we can operate at our maximum potential.

Excellent performers leave nothing to chance! They recognise that their mental game plays a significant part in their overall ability to compete. At all levels of technical ability, the competitor with the strongest mental game will win on the day. We want you to get the best out of your game and give yourself an advantage over the competition. You will see the results immediately when you change your mental game approach and incorporate the skills you learn with our Precision Performance for Sports Program. You will have heard the saying in golf that 80% of the game is mental and that the competition is either won or lost on the 6 inches between your ears. Two legendary experts of the game of golf, Jack Nicklaus and Bobby Jones subscribed to this philosophy and they were tough to beat!

What does the Program consist of?

As the program was being developed, certain skills were focused on that were recognizable in all elite athletes. Once these skills were identified, it then became a question of how to integrate them into a powerful efficient sports program. Initially, the thoughts were to keep it as a set number of sessions, however after trialing it with various athletes, it became apparent that these sessions could be adapted and amended to suit specific and individual needs.

In brief, the Precision Performance for Sports Program, covers skills such as identifying how you think and how you learn, which in turn ties in with another skill about building powerful pre-performance visualization and imagery techniques. The program also focuses on how you talk to yourself and building performance cues into your daily training and performances to enable you to access powerful emotional responses. Within the program, we also work on changing self-limiting beliefs, by combining a number of NLP techniques to create instant physiological responses which then lead to taking the athlete into a desired state. Using Hypnotherapy, we address such issues as Performance Anxiety, Stress, Confidence Issues and other emotional issues.

In Summary

Putting this all together and using all the tools that we have at our disposal such as NLP, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, CBT and other talk-based therapies, we create easily accessible flow states and get the athlete to recognize these flow states, so that their performances can be truly outstanding. We can use the Precision Performance for Sports Program to maintain motivation to train and take your skill sets to the next level, learn to ‘get past’ mistakes and learn from errors rather than dwell upon them and at the same time, develop the confidence to compete to the best of your ability.

So, get in touch with us for more information, book a free consultation and introduction session and take your game to the next level.  This is also a great idea for a gift for that sportsperson in your life who is constantly grumbling and frustrated by their performance levels!!