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Sports Performance Hypnotherapy

Whether you are an aspiring Tiger Woods, Paula Radcliffe, Usain Bolt, Lewis Hamilton, Michael Jordan, Cristiano Ronaldo, or someone who plays sports for your own enjoyment, wellbeing and life satisfaction, our Precision Performance Sports (PPS) programme can help you take your sport to a new level.

We believe that everyone can achieve success in their chosen sport if they have the right attitude and mindset. As such, through our PPS sessions, we provide our clients – individuals, teams and coaches – with the thinking, techniques and know-how needed to help make their sporting goals a reality.

Using a combination of NLP techniques and hypnotherapy, PPS will enable you to get the best out of yourself by showing you how to access the optimum emotional states for the highest levels of sports performance. Through our tailor-made courses, we will teach you how to focus the mind and the body and get these two elements working together in harmony, so you can harness the magic ingredients needed to achieve sporting success.

During your sessions with us, we will take you on a comprehensive journey, starting with identifying your highest positive intention for your sport, through to goal-setting and personalised techniques to access the correct mindset in the specific moment when it is needed the most. We address the emotions that surround sporting performance, such as anxiety, confidence issues and stress, and reframe them into powerful tools that the athlete can use throughout their sporting lives.

Our sports performance expert, Yousef Lahej, is an athlete and ex-Olympian in his own right and passionate about helping clients to become aware of, and have access to, their ‘flow state’, so that they can achieve their own peak sports performance. No matter which sport, or level, Yousef can personalize your Precision Performance Sports programme to suit your needs and goals. 

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