Yousef Lahej

NLP Practitioner, Sports Performance Coach, Corporate Communication and Wellbeing Workshop Facilitator, Hypnotherapist, Virtual Gastric Band and Quit Smoking

“My first experience of the recognizing the power of the mind came in my early 20s, when I spent five years campaigning to qualify for the Olympics, representing the UAE in sailing. Through years of intense training and competition, I learnt how the right mindset can make you, or break you.

Twenty years on, and with decades of experience of racing, team dynamics and other aspects of sports performance behind me, I developed a passion for learning about the human psyche. What makes someone do something super-human? What makes someone push the extra mile? What makes someone who is capable crumble? What makes people tick?

Through my studies into the psychological side of sport and sports performance, I discovered NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming, which is about programming the mind to achieve the goals you desire. I completed my NLP Sport Practitioners Course in the UK and started using NLP techniques with sailing athletes. I noticed considerable improvements in their overall performance – physically and mentally.
The more I learnt about NLP and used it, the more I could see the potential for using it in other areas of life too.

Now, I use NLP and hypnotherapy to help people bring about changes in their own lives.

Whether it’s phobias, anxieties, addictions, weight issues, confidence issues or simply changing your perception, some quick and easy NLP and hypnotherapy techniques can help you achieve your goal.

Whether you are a pro, semi-pro or amateur athlete wanting to see an improvement in your sports performance, a business owner wanting to improve your sales team’s communication techniques or someone suffering from phobia, anxiety, addiction and other stress-related issues, NLP combined with hypnotherapy is a great tool to help you move forward in your life with ease and success.”

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