Marie Byrne

Self Actualization Coach, Stress, Relationship and Bereavement Counsellor.

Marie is a stress, relationship and bereavement counsellor with more than twenty years experience, specialising in delivering 1-1 Self- Discovery Courses to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your potential.

The Self-Discovery Course helps relieve all the stress, upsets, confusions, traumas and past problems that have accumulated over the years. Working from a present time perspective you can untangle and straighten out your past. Locating and dealing with the most crucial events that have shaped your current life will help you immeasurably in facing the future with certainty and confidence.

If you have ever felt that certain times in your life have been rough and you maybe still suffer from them you are probably right. Negative memories held within the mind never really go away of their own accord. Although they can drop from view temporarily they can easily be stirred up again by unforeseen experiences or encounters, – sometimes even a few words can bring it all up again. You have probably had this experience – it happens many times to most people.

Your Self-Discovery Course will free you of these unwanted negative memories and you will emerge ready to face the future with a clean slate. Imagine that!

In just 20 hours of 1-1 intensive sessions dealing with the key episodes it is possible to emerge with renewed energy and vitality ready to start again.

Contact Marie: Mobile 050 108 7592  email

Marie is the author of “Self-Actualization Against the Odds” and founder of Self- Actualization Academy.


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